Saturday, July 29, 2017


A few updates...

The California DMV finally figured out how to classify the car as an EV, and reissued the title with an E instead of a G. No more smog notifications! Even though it's been registered as an EV for 3 years, I got a smog notice last year, and found out they classified it as a hybrid. I suppose they were confused as the factory never made a 1996 Honda Civic EV. Anyway, it's fixed now.

The EMotorWerks MiniSmartCharge charger died, and took out the main pack fuse and my EVSE. I'm now using an Elcon UHF 3.3K charger. I had to write some Arduino code to send CAN commands to control it
, and everything works again. I suppose I'll have to getting the MiniSmartCharge fixed, otherwise it's just an expensive door stop.

I also installed the front splitter... I think it looks pretty good now :).

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's running!

Everything is back together now, and the car is running.

There a few things still left to do, like:

  • Hookup the A/C controller to the Honda dash switches
  • Charge the A/C and check for leaks
  • Plug in the BMS boards (still getting built)
  • Write some code to integrate the BMS results with the control of the on-board charger.
  • Change the gauge cluster software to Torque and make new gauge layout in the UI