Friday, February 28, 2014

Let's get started!!

This will be my attempt to document my path towards building my own electric vehicle.

I've owned my Honda since 1998 when I went looking for a red hatchback with a manual transmission. They were sold out everywhere, but I ended up finding a mint original condition 1996 DX model with low miles. 

Over the years I ended up modifying it to make it a bit more confident on the roads, then to try to get more performance from it. I ended getting the bug to auto-x race, and the Civic was the perfect choice. Everything has been modified now, from suspension to engine and interior. It was soon no longer street legal in California.

In recent years it's been difficult to compete with the likes of Mazda Miata's, Subaru WRX's and the like, and with gas prices so high, it would make a nice commuter. So, it is going to need to be a street legal vehicle again.

Putting the stock 106hp motor back in there will be a bit of a let down, and since I am now employed making battery management ICs for the major OEMs, maybe I should make my own electric car!

Here we go...

And here's the last engine it had... 203whp and 230wft/lbs! With a stock head and cam too! It sure was fun... The electric motor will need to come as close as I can afford to this.