Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Batteries!

The game of Tetris begins again... I have acquired 456 Enerdel CE175-360 batteries, which I am so far planning to install in a 76S 6P pack. This will mean a jump from 170V to ~310V fully charged. With the current pack, full load (1000A!) would result in ~30V of IR drop across the bus bars, current sense shunt, fuse, and the cells themselves, so really no more than ~130kW of output power. This new pack will see much lower max current (maybe 600A?), and at 6P will be much lower impedance (0.7mOhm > 0.45mOhm) so hopefully much less IR drop (less heat) and guaranteed full power across the pack capacity range. 40kW more power, with a weight reduction would be noticeable!

These batteries are much higher density so the pack can be arranged for better overall weight distribution in the car. It should result in ~50/50 weight distribution. The green box in the diagram below is a placeholder for a Toyota MGR unit to hopefully add an extra 50kW peak motor with regen to the rear wheels.

A Visio drawing of the old vs new pack arrangement is shown below.

Friday, July 3, 2015


When I inspected the motor controller water cooling lines at the conyroller inlet and outlet, I found they were dry, so no cooling at all!

Today I rerouted the entire motor controller cooling circuit, adding a reservoir just higher than the controller.

While I was in there in also changed my home made vacuum reservoir to a more compact and lightweight commercial unit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

First track event completed!

It didn't perform as well as I'd hoped. The car handled great, but it was the first time this drive train has been used in anger, and so there was bound to be some teething problems...

I found that the Soliton1 motor controller was limiting the max current after only a couple of laps. It was down to as low as 300A or so at full throttle! That meant a long slow crawl up the hill towards the corkscrew... Argh! When I returned to the paddock I found that the coolant lines from the heat exchanger were cold, while the controller was hot. The pump was running, so I must have air in the system. I suspected the routing of the hoses and the lack of a reservoir at the highest point was not going to work well, but I didn't think it wouldn't work at all! Anyway, I've ordered an OBX 1 1/4 quart universal coolant expansion tank, and I'll re route all the lines a bit better.

Another thing that happened was that the vacuum pump pressure switch has stopped working. I guess it just couldn't take the heat. So, I'm taking this opportunity to replace the vacuum pump with a Hella UP30 and a nicer vacuum reservoir, along with a new PSF109S 81-330 pressure switch.

All in all, it was a really fun event, and it was fun to chat with other early adopters.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rear splitter installed... Really finishes off the rear end. Now it should be clear there's no exhaust :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Getting ready for Refuel 2015 @ Laguna Seca!

Track tires and wheels mounted... It really sticks now.

I'll also update the brake pads and rotors. Otherwise, the car is still working great with no issues at all!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Have to clean up...

Time to get rid of the old ICE parts:

First up, a special Honda D-series short block... D16Y8 block with D17 crank, Darton Mid kit (bored to 78mm), Crower maxi-lite rods and custom pistons designed by Larry at Endyn. The oil pump was ported by Endyn also. One of the pistons is bad so a new custom piston will be needed.

It was a really nice unique engine, and would make a nice sleeper.As an NA engine, it was really nice, with a nice big torque curve. On turbo, it pulled 200whp and 230wftlbs peaking at 2500rpm, with a stock Y7 head and cam. How often do you hear of a Hinda with more torque than HP!

You can see from the photo the dipstick tube is a bit of a hack job... The D17 crank has a larger front journal diameter, so the D17 oil pump is required. The D17 oil pump does not include a dipstick, rather it is in the oilpan. In any case, I am including a new D17 oil pump, and the plan was to get a dipstick tube welded to the oil pan somewhere. The new owner will have to figure this out, but it shouldn't be hard.

Here is a 3" stainless steel exhaust custom made for a 96 hatchback. It has a Moroso 3" Spiral Flow Muffler as a resonator, Magnaflow 3" High Flow Catalytic Converter and Magnaflow 3" muffler with a nice tight pie cut turndown. Custom made by Spoolin' Performance in Fremont, CA.

Here is a Magnaflow 15643 Stainless Steel 2.25" Single Cat-Back Exhaust System, only lightly used.

Honestly, I have to get rid of it all in 4 weeks. Best offer that can come to Morgan Hill to get it ASAP by Feb 15th takes it.