Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Have to clean up...

Time to get rid of the old ICE parts:

First up, a special Honda D-series short block... D16Y8 block with D17 crank, Darton Mid kit (bored to 78mm), Crower maxi-lite rods and custom pistons designed by Larry at Endyn. The oil pump was ported by Endyn also. One of the pistons is bad so a new custom piston will be needed.

It was a really nice unique engine, and would make a nice sleeper.As an NA engine, it was really nice, with a nice big torque curve. On turbo, it pulled 200whp and 230wftlbs peaking at 2500rpm, with a stock Y7 head and cam. How often do you hear of a Hinda with more torque than HP!

You can see from the photo the dipstick tube is a bit of a hack job... The D17 crank has a larger front journal diameter, so the D17 oil pump is required. The D17 oil pump does not include a dipstick, rather it is in the oilpan. In any case, I am including a new D17 oil pump, and the plan was to get a dipstick tube welded to the oil pan somewhere. The new owner will have to figure this out, but it shouldn't be hard.

Here is a 3" stainless steel exhaust custom made for a 96 hatchback. It has a Moroso 3" Spiral Flow Muffler as a resonator, Magnaflow 3" High Flow Catalytic Converter and Magnaflow 3" muffler with a nice tight pie cut turndown. Custom made by Spoolin' Performance in Fremont, CA.

Here is a Magnaflow 15643 Stainless Steel 2.25" Single Cat-Back Exhaust System, only lightly used.

Honestly, I have to get rid of it all in 4 weeks. Best offer that can come to Morgan Hill to get it ASAP by Feb 15th takes it.